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Snake River Prototyping – An update on the dome

The upcoming months of October and November are definitely set to be the most exciting ones for the year. For GoPro Fans, that is. Snake River Prototyping will be releasing “The Dome.” The guys who have previously brought The Tray and the Blurfix to life have once more team up alongside URPro filters in order to craft a new and exciting lens for color correction purposes that will perfect fit with the dive housing of GoPro. To learn more about this wonderful project by Snake River Proto, continue reading.

CNC Machined Filter Frame from Delron

The filter frame’s machining process is vital to the end result. With Snake River’s way of setting out the process, they will be able to provide a more precise fitting as well as a stronger frame compared to alternatives that are injection molded. The shape of The Dome creates a color-corrective profile that is more accurate right from the viewing field’s center all the way to the video’s edges. For added bonus, it also substantially looks very sleek. The filter is also designed to be clipped on or slipped over the underwater dive housing of the GoPro.

Quality Snap Shooting at its Best

All GoPro users know how beneficial the previous line of filters have been for the Hero 2 and 3. They have been successful by way of clearing the path, so to speak. May it be on an underwater escapade or a snow skiing venture, the filters will always serve great