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The 3 R’s Of Recycling

There are three parts to going green and many people are unaware of all of them. It is good to know that recycling is not the only way to help save our planet from an environmental perspective. It is also important to know about reducing your waste or your use of materials that are not reusable. The other part of the recycling picture is to do just that–reuse. The three “R’s” are to recycle, reduce, and reuse. All three are what make this successful and it sure is a good thing it does. Thank goodness the St. Paul recycling facility is on board with this entire three-fold picture.
When it comes to being green, the aspect of reusing has been catching on more and more these days. There are even homes being constructed–new homes– out of old materials that are salvageable and have a long lifespan still so that they can be used. It is great to know that this is an option should you be buying a home or building from the ground up. From brick, to wood, even some installation is earth friendly. Many materials can be used but it comes down to what is best for the home and best for the family to reflect on.